Understanding The Asian Handicap Bet In Football Betting

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Many people who are relatively inexperienced in the realm of football betting are confused by the concept of the Asian handicap bet. This is because the Asian handicap bet is a relatively recent development in the world of football betting. It originated in Asia, hence the name, and has since become an extremely popular form of football bet, particularly among online bookmakers. The reason for its popularity is, in fact, its simplicity. Once a bettor is able to understand the Asian handicap bet, he soon comes to realize that it is an easier bet to place than a fixed odds bet, because it reduces the number of possibilities that you can choose from.


The key is to understand how the Asian handicap bet really works. Once you understand how it works, you will then be in a position to properly take advantage of the Asian handicap bet. Some first-time bettors simply start placing Asian handicap bets without truly understanding how it works, and they lose money needlessly as a result. A prudent bettor will always gain as much information as possible about a particular style of betting, and how the odds for the bet are calculated, before considering placing a bet using that style of betting.


Reducing The Possible Outcomes


Most people, even those unfamiliar with football betting, understand the regular fixed odds bet as a matter of general knowledge. The concept is simple, with three possible outcomes to every match. One side wins, the other side wins, or there is a draw. With a fixed odds bet, you can place a bet on any of those three possibilities happening. Depending on which actually happens, you either win or lose money, subject to the odds that were provided for your particular bet.


With Asianhandicap betting, however, one of those possibilities is eliminated. The draw is no longer an option on which you can place a bet. There are therefore only two options left – one side wins or the other side wins. In addition, the ‘handicap' in Asianhandicap is derived from the fact that a handicap is applied to one of the two teams in every match. The purpose of this handicap is to even out the odds, and make the chances of either team winning the match as even as possible.


This is done by giving one team ‘free goals'. The number of free goals a team gets might range from a quarter of a goal to several goals, depending on the difference between the level of skill between the two teams. It is extremely important that you take the handicap into account when you place an Asianhandicap bet. If you fail to take the handicap into account, you might place a bet on the team that is obviously stronger, only to have the other team win simply because of the handicap that was applied to their score.


Once you take the existence of the handicap into account, however, Asianhandicap betting becomes extremely simple. You no longer have to take into account the possibility of a draw, and you need only determine which team will win outright. In the unlikely event of a draw, you will receive a full refund of your bet amount.

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Understanding The Asian Handicap Bet In Football Betting

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This article was published on 2010/09/27